From Caterpillar To Chrysalis

The Butterfly Chysalis Kit – Watching Your Caterpillers Turn Into a Chrysalis

Are you ready to receive your caterpillars? Great, let’s do it.

You can order your caterpillars for the Butterfly Chrysalis Kit in one of two ways;

  1. Sending the Caterpillar Certicate you received inside your Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Kit to the address shown on the certificate, enclosing your shipping payment of [UK:  £2.99 or Europe:  €3.49 or USA:  $5.00], or
  2. Fill in the easy online form, including your ‘Caterpillar Code’, and pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. Same prices as above.


The website for UK and Europe is:
The website for the USA is:
InsectLore Website UK
InsectLore Website USA


In either case you’ll be asked to provide a send date.

If you’ve purchased Insect Lore’s Garden Butterfly Kit, then you’ll receive a small cardboard box through the post with your caterpillars inside. Mine took about 2 days to arrive. In other words it arrived two days after the day I specified for it to be sent. Don’t get confused with that bit. You specify the day it is sent from the supplier, NOT the day you want to receive it. So allow 2 or 3 days for it to arrive.

Inside the box you’ll find a pot with your five caterpillars inside. Take the pot out carefully. It may be upside down and you don’t want the lid flying off. Depending on their age, the caterpillars may be extremely small! I’m talking about a couple of millimeters! So before you think you’ve been had, and sent an empty pot – look again. Those 5 tiny dots are probably your caterpillars. My recent pot had larger caterpillars, but previous ones I’ve had have been so small as to be almost unrecognisable.

You can also see this video of the live butterfly chrysalis kit on YouTube.

Set the pot down, take a few minutes to watch – you’ll probably see them all moving at some point. Congratulations, you have live caterpillars!

Don’t be tempted to take the lid off. You may lose a caterpillar in the process as they often climb high and may be on the lid itself and fall out. The lid is stiff, so a sudden jerk will almost certainly lose them. The pot contains more than enough food for all the caterpillars during their entire stay. The food is that brown stuff at the bottom of the pot. It’s a special formula to keep them fed and happy so they don’t need anything else at this stage.

If you are tempted to put food in, it may not be the right food for the caterpillar and they will not eat it. That means it will likely rot in the bottom of the pot causing a health problem for all your caterpillars. You have been warned.

Be amazed as the caterpillars grow from a tiny couple of millimetres to a centimeter or two! The growth rate is phenomenal. They achieve a size that is 10,000 to 20,000 times or more their original size when they came out of the egg as a caterpillar! [See more on Butterfly Facts].

They will spin lots of silk ‘webs’ all over the pot and the caterpillar droppings will start to appear and grow in number. It’s all part of the process as we observe their fast growth and development.

Here’s the amazing rapid growth of the supplied caterpillars in the pot:

As I say, the pot as supplied is everything they need to grow and turn into a chrysalis, ready for the next stage of turning into a butterfly.

Now let’s transfer the chrysalides to the butterfly enclosure or housing – click to see the next stage!


I’ve looked out the best sources for the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden for the UK and USA, and you can see these below:

For the UK:For the US:

Please let me know how you get on! Use the comments box below at bottom of the page or use the Contact Form.


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