Butterfly Hatching

Now I actually didn’t manage to capture film of the emerging butterflies – I’ve never managed it yet with any kit! Luck of the draw I guess, I’ve often come down in the morning to find them already hatched. Very sneaky.

But that’s OK. It means you may be able to enjoy that event yourself, instead of watching someone else’s video! Shoot me a line if you managed it and uploaded the video on YouTube. I’ll be interested to see what you managed to capture.

At this stage all we need do is wait. You can put a few twigs in the enclosure. Site them so they are vertical. This will allow emerging butterflies to climb the twigs whilst pumping up their wings. Most of them will climb the netting anyway, but providing twigs gives them the choice. Remove any leaves from the twigs – we don’t need them and they will get in the way.


Once you get one or two butterflies emerging, add a shallow container which has a few nectar-rich flower heads (clover flowers are good and can be easily found) in it. You can add drops of a sugar solution made specifically for butterflies to the flower-heads and/or the dish.

You’ll see in my video that I did both, although I used a different flower-head from clover. This will allow the butterflies to feed and get stronger before their release into the world.

Note: All of you will experience the one thing that freaks many people out – red fluid emerging from all the butterflies! In fact you’ll see it all over the floor of the enclosure and down the sides of the netting. Don’t worry! It’s not blood as most people think. It’s called Meconium and is simply the waste product left over from the metamorphosis – it’s completely normal.

Some of this fluid gets outside the enclosure through the netting, hence the reason I suggest you have something underneath and around the enclosure at the time of emergence from the chrysalis (it actually washes off very easily from the enclosure so nothing is spoilt).

As I say, the pot as supplied is everything they need to grow and turn into a chrysalis, ready for the next stage of turning into a butterfly.

Did I manage to grow all the butterflies and release them successfully? – Click to see the next stage!


I’ve looked out the best sources for the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden for the UK and USA, and you can see these below:

For the UK:For the US:

Please let me know how you get on! Use the comments box below at bottom of the page or use the Contact Form.


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