Butterfly Gifts

Butterfly gifts can come in all shapes and sizes too. In fact, when I first looked at this topic, I was overwhelmed with the choices and wide-ranging ways you can get butterfly-related items for gifts or presents.

A popular area is butterfly jewelry, but you can get gifts like posters, mugs, paintings, photographs, cross-stitch, mounted butterflies, playing cards and virtually any other common item!

There’s just so many ways in which you can admire the little butterfly, apart from seeing it for real that is. There are myriads of books on all sorts of butterfly subjects, there are a host of lovely butterfly posters and pictures, there are screensavers and backgrounds and there are many paintings, some going back hundreds of years and hung in well-known galleries (did you think to look there)?

I take a look at each of these sources in turn and let you know what you can find and where. If you have your own source or have come across one in your travels, let me know and I’ll spread the word.


Come in all sorts of sizes. Some are photorealistic, some are stylized and some may be reproductions of drawings or paintings from old butterfly books.


I’m talking about real paintings here. The sort you see hanging in galleries around the world. Here’s where you
can see some famous paintings.


Lots of pictures available online of course. We take a look at the best of these and what to expect.


One of my favourite areas. I just love to read anyway, and reading about butterflies just makes it even better.
I take a look at what’s around including old books.

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