Butterfly Farms

Houses, Farms and Other Places to See Butterflies

There are many ways in which you can ‘visit’ and see butterflies. There are popular butterfly houses which house live butterflies throughout most of the year. Typically these are tropical butterflies which thrive in ‘hothouse’ environments and usually have a long life. They are housed in a tropical environment which is temperature controlled and often has a breeding program in place to ‘grow’ their own stock. These places are sometimes referred to as butterfly farms or butterfly houses.

It’s a great time to get up close and personal. Choose from the categories below to see what we’ve covered:

Butterfly Houses & Farms in the UK

Butterfly Houses & Farms in the US

Other Places


UK Butterfly Houses

Berkeley Butterfly Farm

Buckfast Butterfly Farm

Butterfly & Wildlife Park, Long Sutton

Portsmouth Butterfly House

The Magic of Life Butterfly House, Aberystwyth

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Studley Grange Butterfly World, Swindon

London Butterfly House


US Butterfly Houses

AL – Huntsville Botanical Garden

AZ – Tucson Botanical Gardens

CA – Turtle Bay Exploration Park

CO – Butterfly Pavilion, Westminster

FL – Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

IA – Reiman Gardens

MA – The Butterfly Place

MI – Meijer Gardens

MO – The Butterfly Palace

OH – Franklin Park Conservatory

OH – The Butterfly House

OR – Oregon Zoo


Know Any Other Butterfly Sites?

If you know of an interesting place where we can visit butterflies, I want to know! If you Contact Me I’ll be delighted to add it to my resources – a review would be especially welcome with your name against it if you want.


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