Butterflies In Museums

Museums and Other Places to See Butterflies

There are many ways in which you can ‘visit’ and see butterflies, particularly popular are butterfly farms. There is another opportunity to see butterflies, but it’s not one that most people think of immediately – it’s museums. Whilst not live, the butterflies on display are quite still, not hiding and not in chrysalis form!

Oh yes, there’s several major advantage that museums have over any other butterfly place – you can see hard to find or rare butterflies and you can see species that are extinct!

It’s a great time to get up close and personal. Choose from the places below to see what we’ve covered:

Butterfly Museums

City of Bristol Museum Butterflies

Elmbridge Museum

Horniman Museum

Natural History Museum

Norwich Museum Butterflies

Tring Natural History Museum

Ulster Museum Butterflies

Whitby Museum Butterflies

Worcester Museum Butterflies

Know Any Other Museums That Have Butterfly Collections?

If you know of a museum where we can visit butterflies, I want to know! If you contact me I’ll be delighted to add it to my resources – a review would be especially welcome with your name against it if you want.


Featured Museums Where Butterflies Can Be Viewed

    • Butterflies in Norwich Museum
      One of the Citys most famous landmarks, Norwich Castle was built by the Normans as a Royal Palace 900 years ago. Used as a prison from the 14th century, the Castle…
    • Butterflies in the City of Bristol Museum
      Set high up in the heart of Bristol, the City Museum is big and its free! I recommend it as a museum visit
      regardless of any butterfly collections …
    • Butterflies in Worcester Museum
      The Museum holds a small, but nevertheless important collection of British Butterflies. It is mainly made up of specimens collected in the heydays…
    • Butterflies in Whitby Museum
      If you enjoy museums, you’ll love this one – even the display cabinets themselves are museum pieces!

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