Butterfly Information That’s Different

Looking for butterfly information? Do you enjoy butterflies? I certainly do. They’ve fascinated and pleased me in many ways ever since I was a child. I want to enjoy the little butterfly in as many different ways as I can – not just the real thing, but also in books, prints, photos, as well as attracting, conserving and protecting them.


Too many times I’ve come across books or websites where the author obviously enjoys butterflies, but then swamps everything with Latin names, detailed synopsis of breeding habits, distribution and other complications. Heck, I just want to enjoy looking at them!

I don’t think you need Latin names of butterflies to fully appreciate them, and you won’t find them on this site. You won’t find a detailed synopsis of breeding grounds or distribution either. If you want that sort of butterfly information, (and I appreciate there are many who will be curious), you will find a page of butterfly resources on this site which will point you in the right direction where you can get that sort of detail if you want it.

Whilst I love butterfly information and facts, the purpose of this site is all about how to get the most out of your enjoyment of butterflies, where to see them, or even better, how to get them to come to you. I take a look at the accessories and equipment that help these activities and make recommendations where appropriate. Often, I’ll be able to provide detailed reviews of items that are very popular.

There is no scientific, statistical or other stuff here – plenty of other sites deal admirably with those issues. We do look at the history of the butterfly (don’t worry, there is nothing too dry and boring, I promise you’ll find it fascinating) as well as some interesting facts and ways to help conserve them. If you’d love to breed your own, we show you how (that’s really great fun, especially for schools, but it can be done by anybody at home).

There are many ways to enjoy butterflies and butterfly objects. Let me show you what information and resources are available. Try clicking any of the links in the right-hand column on this page, under ‘Topics’…

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